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I have traded the Stock, Currency and Futures markets for 20 years as well as played Casino games for 20 years, both successfully after learning what works and what does not.
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Why Baccarat and not other Casino Games?

Have you reached the decision you simply cannot beat the Casino?

Let me outline a few truths about what really happens behind the scenes that some people still are unaware of, and, what you are not going to find on my website, which is, a flashy video conjuring up images of James Bond and raking in millions, with myriads of scantily clad women falling off my arm, no sale ending at midnight and all the other gimmicks trying to make it look real, I am not interested in that and prefer to rely on my reputation. I have dealt with Risk and analyzing how to eliminate it from my Trading Career in the High Risk Fields of  Currency & Futures Trading and Stock markets, basically anything that has high risk and high reward is my life specialty and what i have a passion and tremendous undertstanding of, walking into a Casino for me is no different than placing a Trade in the currency Markets
Welcome to my world.

The Casino employs every trick, tactic and piece of manipulation to cement this belief in your mind, which is, there is no skill involved, you should not try to beat the Casino and every game is all a RANDOM game of luck.Here is part of an article which shows that whilst computers fool most, the smart ones like myself and obviously these guys have realised that when you know where and how to look, then what they are using against us, we can use against them also.

"Worst April Ever"
This particular set of players defied odds that the 75-year-old Las Vegas casino mogul says he has never before seen in his career.

“We had probably the most unique statistical anomaly in my 50 years of doing this,” Wynn said. “And that is with enormous volume, one of our leading outlets lost money for the entire month. The bottom fell out and all of the players won millions of dollars.”

Fellow Casino patrons having no skill is  THE FURTHEREST FROM THE TRUTH there is, but what Casinos do  their very best to achieve by fair means, and if that doesn't work, then they now have computer-controlled assistance to help them out hoping you will just except the result. Unfortunately, I NEVER except anything they promote. At all cost they do not want you to catch on 98% of the games are now computer manipulated to guarantee it is in their favour. That is why if someone wins more than a couple of times they are automatically labelled a CHEAT in their eyes.
Did I hear you say ‘computer-controlled outcome’ but wouldn't that be cheating and illegal by Casinos? - Please follow the link above -How Games are Manipulated- where I will explain further how casino games have now evolved.

When I walk into a Casino I am going to war, it is a battle you need to wage with every ounce of skill intuition, patience and discipline you have, as I prefer to never give them a cent just as much as they hate giving me a cent.
The first and major FREE Lesson is, get used to walking OUT the door when in front especially if you go there to make money. 

Most games as I said now come under some form of computer interference and can be controlled remotely from a lap top, pokies can have payouts changed or blocked in a matter of seconds, go to the pokies after you have had a win of some description and I guarantee you will not get a thing, that little membership card is telling them you have been a winner.

So, Baccarat, Why choose that particular  game?

Firstly, it is the only game left in the casino outside of Craps the outcome cannot be interfered with after play is instigated, they have to put 8 Decks of cards in a shoe and then cannot alter that game result for that shoe. In other words, they cannot manipulate it during play or after you have placed your bets.
For now their main weapon is the use of pre-machine
shuffled cards.
Random do you think? Of course not, there is nothing random or left to chance on the Casino floor, the flow of cards is deliberately mixed to provide the most difficult playing groupings based on thousands of game records stored on computers, that is why we see the money flow from Baccarat at growing return rates over the last 4  years, an example being the Star in Sydney who 2 years ago admitted on their website to an upturn in table WIN Rate was "surprisingly better than expected", which being no surprise to me coincided with more computer software and computer games added.

If Casinos get a run of someone winning they alter the mix of cards, and all of a sudden you see the length of runs shorten and the increase of TIE winning bets, this breaks the game up from a normal flow and makes it a whole lot harder to follow or win constantly at.
However, every now and then you hear of someone who seems to be able to win against all odds, a couple of years ago at the Star in Sydney they were hammered, and they investigated it upside down to find out why, but to no avail.
The answer simply was, if you know where and how to look, machine shuffle has to be programmed in some form  and  no matter how hard they try to hide what they do it will ALWAYS form another pattern or foot print of some description,this is where you can exploit what they use to exploit us . This is the edge I look for especially in Baccarat and also in Roulette and that edge is what I describe and show you how to find, to make use of when playing these games.
You are never going to win every hand but from the last 1274 hands played the win rate was 774 and the loss rate 500 which gives you an advantage of 50% more wins than losses, this is a massive advantage in your favour, especially when you can place bets of $5000 or more on a hand.
Even if you wager a $100 Bet and have an outright 5 or more wins per shoe average at worst then you are in business.
What I present and show you will help you attain that edge.
Don Johnson played Blackjack with an edge over the Casino of 2 to 3 % to go on and make millions.
I am not suggesting everyone is going to do that but with my help you are going to make money far easier than what you have been doing.
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